Chi Zhan Energy

Chi Zhan was established in August 2009.

There has been a strong demand for replaceable and clean energy in this fast moving world. International community keeps on searching for the best solution for green and smart city framework.

Chi Zhan always thinks from their customers' perspective and believes in customers come first and highest possible service standard. They boast a  professional team specializing in battery, battery module, and electrical system to design, to develop and to manufacture battery module products and LED products.  It also designs and develops electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, future electric vehicle and battery management system related to applications of renewable energy. Chi Zhan is a company with capabilities in renewable system planning, development and management and it provides its clients with customized service and professional design planning.

Operating Policy

Quality Policy: P (Plan) D (Do) C (Check) A (Act)

Environmental Policy

Company History
  • 2011MarchObtain patent for "electric transportation and starting method"
  • 2009DecemberObtain "CE" certification
  • 2009August"Chi Zhan Energy Limited" is founded


ADD:No.65-6, Luzhu Rd., Toufen Township, Miaoli County 351, Taiwan Tel:037-633-212 Fax:037-625-766 E-mail:[email protected]

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